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achilles and patroclus ruined me


Les Misérables
the secret history


Orphan Black s2
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Les Misérables
e/R fanfiction


Orphan Black s2
Heroes s1
Twin Peaks s2

I Wanna Get Better

Strange Desire
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While my friends were getting high and chasing girls down parkway lines I was losing my mind

sansaspark’s top 100 fairytales countdown: #100

↳The Six Swans

Six brothers from a King’s first marriage have been turned into swans by their hateful stepmother—the beautiful but evil daughter of a witch. The brothers can only take their human forms for fifteen minutes every evening. In order to free them, their sister must make six shirts out of the starwort flower for her brothers and neither speak nor laugh for six years. The King of another country finds her doing this in the woods, is taken by her beauty, and marries her. When the new Queen has given birth to their first child, the King’s own wicked mother takes away the child and smears blood on the Queen’s mouth, accusing her of eating her own child. The King does not believe these accusations, but the King’s wicked mother accuses the young Queen again with the second child, and the third. The third time, the King has no choice and the Queen is sentenced to be burned at the stake. On the day of her execution, she has all but finished making the shirts for her brothers. Only the last shirt misses a left arm. When she is brought to the stake she takes the shirts with her and when she is about to be burned, the six years expire and six swans come flying through the air. She throws the shirts over her brothers and they regain their human form. Five of the brothers returned to normal, except for the youngest brother, whose left arm remained a swan’s wing. The Queen, now free to speak, can defend herself against the accusations. Her mother-in-law is burned at the stake instead of her, and the King, Queen, and her six brothers live happily ever after.


Jehan would def threaten Montparnasse with terrible fashion choices he’s like “if you don’t shut up I’m going outside in a fanny pack” or “so help me god Mont I have socks and I have flips flops and I’m not afraid to wear them together”

And Mont just weeps



Author of the law’s delays, you who as talisman and totem still wear the aegis, baleful with Medusa’s scowl (though shrunken and self-mummified, a Gorgon still).

"Athena" — Amy Clampitt

DEAD MAN WALKING | It seemed like a good idea at the time, the immortality, the eternal youth. 

I want to read les mis fic but I’m also too lazy to read fic what do I dooooo


I was five and he was six 
we rode on horses made of sticks 
he wore black and i wore white 
he would always win the fight 
bang bang


|1- bang bang (my baby shot me down) - nancy sinatra || 2- do better - kat dahlia || 3- fireside - arctic monkeys || 4- of the night - bastille || 5- better than nothing - sarah jaffe || 6- try tonight - lana del rey || 7- born to die (gemini remix) - lana del rey || 8- love is blindness - jack white || 9- gangsta - kat dahlia|